Rhinebeck Fumes and Next Update


Rhinebeck 2017

Hi Everyone! We're finally back from Rhinebeck and I'm slowly coming down from the fiber fumes! As per usual, Rhinebeck definitely was a dream. Something about being surrounded by likeminded people who are just as passionate about your craft as you are is magical. 

I unfortunately did NOT take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked and will have to round up some phone pictures :) It was a weekend to remember and I definitely brought home some goodies that I cannot wait to knit up! 


Website Update October 26th, 4 PM EST 

We'll be having our next update tomorrow and we'll be bringing back some crowd favourites because of the new season of The Walking Dead :D We haven't had these colourways available for a little while and I'm excited to dye them up again! We'll also have a couple of our other faves that are perfect for the fall :D