First Website Update :)

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Update News!

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope everyone is having a fab week so far :) We're going to be having our first update here on the website today and I'm excited for the new process to begin :D 

From now on I'll be posting a blog post round up of everything that will be in the weekly update which is something I ALWAYS wished I could do on Etsy. 

We're going to start with a small update and we'll be sending it out within the next 10 days. You may have also noticed that we have expanded our semi-solid collection and we're hoping to have those available at all times. 

The update will be going live today at 3 pm EST and you will be able to find the items under "self-striping yarns" in the SHOP section. 

Have a great day and see everyone at 3 :D 


Colourways in today's update