Speckles For Days!


Speckles for days! 

Update : November 9th 4:00 PM EST 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Hope you all are having a fab week :D We've had a fun few weeks here in the studio, we've been working crazy hours getting all the orders out and experimenting with new colourways! 

I had started dabbling with speckles about 2-3 years ago and actually featured a speckled colourway in one of our first club series! Needless to say the bug has hit me HARD and I'm all about the speckling now. It has been so much fun coming up with new colours and this has opened the door to so many new possibilities! 

So far we have three new colourways ready to launch and I'm really happy with our collection so far! The three colourways we have are completely different from one another and I've gone with a 3 stripe, 4 stripe and 6 stripe repeat. I think it's a great way to showcase different options and have something for everyone :) 

We'll be having our first update with these new colourways tomorrow Nov. 9th 4:00 PM EST, but not to worry if you can't make it because they will definitely be available again! 

Have a great end of week and hope to see you all tomorrow :D