Welcome to our new website!

Hi Everyone!

We're so excited to finally be launching the new website! It's been a long time coming and I'm happy that all the hard work has paid off, we LOVE our new little home on the internet :).

Now that we have the site up and running we're going to be changing things around a little bit. All updates will now be happening through our website as well as subscriptions to the club. I've always wanted a place where I can chat and explain why and when we're working on new projects! This website will provide exactly what I was looking for!

I'd love to hear your input on how you like our new site and any ideas or comments you may have are TOTALLY welcome. Thank you for coming along on this ride with us, I promise this next year will be the best one yet! :)

- Sam

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Can't you tell Ace is excited too?!

Samantha Perrault